Best Way To Wash Your Face In The Shower

Still finding it difficult or looking for the best way to wash your Face in the shower? Whenever you step into your home after a stressful day, or after exercise, you rush to wash up in the shower. Not so? Yes! Most of you do it.

So, what if I tell you that there’s that proper way on how to wash your face in the shower? There really is!

Way To Wash Your Face In The Shower

The sequence observed by most people, which is: mixing soap and water, use it to wash your face, then use a towel to dry the water — isn’t advisable.

Especially, when you have makeup on, you have to search on how to wash your face in the shower, rather than just using soap and water; it’s not a good approach at all.

I know some of you are already saying: but my face seems fresh after washing it in, how come it’s not advisable to do such? How come I can’t wash my face in the shower again?

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Well, in this article, I’ll show you in details how to wash your face in the shower.

I know it must have gotten used to you, but with time, you can create a habit around D doing it the right way. Without wasting much of your time, let’s proceed.

Read on.


1. How To Wash On Getting Your Makeup Off Properly: You should do the washing properly because makeups contain minerals which make it difficult for removal. It’s also same for sunblocks which have zinc in them. How should you start? Make sure you begin with a face wipe, that will help you get to the top layer; then use the micellar waters. The micellar waters work to dissolve dirt, and also nourish the skin.


I’ll come back to this!

Let’s look at the mistakes you make while washing your face in the shower.


Forgetting to wash your face before bed: you really have to cultivate a habit around washing your
face every night. I mean every night. It helps to care for your skin. You really don’t have to have makeup on before you think about washing your face.

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At day, natural sweat and oils pile up on the skin. We are very much exposed to our environment, and it’s no doubt that our skin receives the dirt and pollution, which ends up pilling up on the skin.

Don’t make the mistake of not removing this dirt and junk on a daily basis. Because they can end up causing skin inflammation, irritation, and acne breakouts.

Skipping The A.M Cleanse

I know most of you think because I have cleansed my skin at night, any need for doing it in the morning again? If you ask yourself that question, I think I’ll answer it.

Yes, you have to cleanse your skin again in the morning, after performing at night.

It helps you skin to get rid of germs.

There are germs from your pillowcase, and your facial skin can get them before you even wake up
in the morning, this is one of the reasons you must cleanse your face once again after you wake up.

I’m sure most of you wash you your pillowcase on a regular, but that doesn’t mean that you still shouldn’t cleanse your skin. Whenever you’re in the process of turning and tossing at night, it’s advisable that you do it cautiously.

Why? Because bacteria from your saliva and oils from your hair are easily transferred to your face and eyes.

The least face rinse, which many neglects, in the morning makes the skin fresh.

Turning Up The Temperature High

One thing you shouldn’t take to your face is hot water; it, your skin, really isn’t friendly with hot water. You will surely feel good in the shower, after a cold winter day, but little do you know that you’re actually damaging your skin.

Temperatures which are classified as extreme such as hot water, hot, steamy showers is capable of causing breakage of delicate tissue, and dilation of blood vessels.

Don’t use hot water to wash your face, it strips skin of the necessary oil barrier that helps maintain skin integrity. Your skin is likely to dry out fast and turn itchy and flaky.

The recommended water to use is, lukewarm warm, use it to wash your face.

Cleanse To Remove Makeup

Not everyone knows the effects of falling asleep carrying a face filled with makeup. Always know this, your cleanser should not add to the makeup which you’ve applied already. Makeup brands are smudge proof.

Because of this, using a gentle makeup removing wipe, oil-based makeup remover or micellar water. Especially, when taking out long-wear makeup.

Using A Makeup Wipe To Clean Your Face
Performing a cleaning on your skin using a cleansing cloth isn’t a perfect idea. Use the makeup wipe to remove makeup and dirt, afterward cleanse your face, because they most times leave residue behind.

Reaching for soap to wash your face; don’t use that to wash your face, instead go for a cleanser for your face. Also, don’t reuse dirty washcloths to wipe your face, it’ll leave dirt on your face.

Don’t wipe your face off with a shower towel, it’ll take the bacteria from your body to your face.

Don’t exfoliate once or twice every week, you really don’t have to exfoliate too much, because it helps to remove dead skin cells. Lastly, moisturizer immediately after toning!

Having detailed these, let’s go back to stating how to wash your face in the shower.

2. Exfoliate:

As we know what exfoliation means, perform the process of exfoliation on your skin and rinse with lukewarm water; exfoliating helps the skin to get rid of dead skin cells.

3. Cover Your Hair:

It’s a bit cumbersome, not even a bit, it’s cumbersome to go into a shower
without water touching your hair. Therefore, it’s advisable that you cover your hair before taking the steps into the shower.

You can cover it by wearing a shower cap to possibly cover your entire

4. Add This:

The skin on your face is much more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body. It is essential that you take the temperature of the water into account while washing the face as hot water of the shower makes the facial skin even more sensitive. It will dilate blood vessels and capillaries, thereby aggravating skin conditions like rosacea.

The whole process of washing the face becomes a relaxing one while done in the shower under running hot water. Though it opens up the pores and facilitates deep cleansing, the natural oils of your skin also get stripped off at the same time. As a result, it becomes dry, patchy, and flaky.

These should give you a view on how you should wash your face, because getting a good view of how to wash your face in the shower is one thing everyone who needs glowing skin should pursue.

I have seen certain people who wash their faces on a regular, yet their faces are still the same. I am sure that if you adhere to what has been said, there must be evident changes in your skin,
facial skin.

Do it and let us know how it has helped you.

Thanks for reading.

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