Vaseline Body Lotion Facial Uses

Probably you may not know Vaseline body lotion can also be used also on your face.

On this article, you will get to know how to use Vaseline body lotion for your face and start looking gorgeous.

The issue of what should and should not make it to the list of facial products is a quite sensitive one.

Generally, we must note that the facial skin, does not have the same surface area as the skin of the hands, legs, stomach etc.

As such we are not expected to apply the same skin care procedures used for the body on the face.

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Toning it down to Vaseline body lotions, in as much as the brand has a variety of lotions, a close look would suggest that these products contain by-products of petroleum.

This is a carcinogen, capable of generating cancerous cells as such application should be regulated and I for one would not apply it to my face.

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The facial skin, in contrast, is also more sensitive and less thick than the skin of the other parts of the body, that said, using body lotions with heavy mineral components would make the facial skin denser and prone to gluing bacteria and germs on it.

Need I say that this is the very reason most people go through the stress of facial acne, eczema and what have you.

Vaseline Body Lotion Facial Uses

Of course, nobody wants to have a face blessed with acne, and one proof way of controlling the outbreak of such is by avoiding the use of body lotions.

Of course, facial creams and moisturizers are well stocked up in the market and one shovel always go for the best as the face happens to be the very cover, which the book(you) will be judged with and wearing just a smile is not enough.

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Yet to understand? Here is the plain deal, even with using just soap and water, the face still gets quite oily and easily become a nesting ground for microorganisms.

Usage of wrong products or heavy and more oily products on the face only catalyzes the rate at which these microbes begin to live on the face, that said, why would one use his/her own hands to bore holes for rats in their house?

Final advice, do take care of your face, wash it before sleeping to free the clogged pores of the face, use the right facial products and AVOID use of Vaseline body lotion or other body lotions on the face.

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