Skin Care Tips For Men

Skin Care Tips For Men: It is very important that everyone understand their skin type because;

1. Sensitive skin may lead to bamp on the skin or burn
2. Good skin should be clear and not sensitive
3. Oily skin is said to be shiny and gloomy
4. Good skin is said to be dry in some parts and oliy in some parts.

Understanding of skin type also help in learning how to take care of that skin and selecting of skin care products that will suit the skin coming to skin care, it has been kept traditionally and simple by man.

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However, they are now pursuing healthier and younger looking skin making it a great time for men to draw into conclusion about taking care of their skin for men to develop a healthy, these are the tips to follow:

Skin Care Tips For Men

1. Consideration of product label and ingredients:

Choosing skin care products depends on your skin type. looking for cleansers and moisturizers which says”oil-free or non-comedogenic” will fit an acne_prone skin to avoid clogging (blockage)of skin pores.

For sensitive skin:

Many products that are in use contains masking fragrance that can keep the skin dry and irritated, a fragrance-free product is advisable as to product containing fragrance Is capable of causing damages to the skin. fragrance free product suitable for those having sensitive skin for a good skin to be ensured.

2. Washing of face after exercise:

When the internal body surface is been heated up after exercise the heat is being excreted through the skin pores. The sweat is not advisable to dry up on the skin (face) as it may lead to sting on the face or rashes.

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It is advisable to wash your face after exercise to avoid skin rashes on the face and some diseases that affect the skin. Washing of face or cleaning with Luke warm water or mild facial cleanser is preferable to our regular bar soap which often contains very hard ingredients that can dry the skin (face).

3. Shaving techniques should be known:

Most men, use multi-blade razor which can work too well or shave too close to your skin which may lead to bumps, razor-burn or ingrown hairs.

Here are tips to solve razor-burns bumps or ingrown hairs problem

a. Don’t shave against the grain:

Most men make the mistake of shaving against the grain. Many do shave against the hair growth direction which often leads to the sickness of the hair follicle and creates inflammation, shaving over and over in one place can lead to this inflammation.

b. Lathering is f hairs with water:

Shaving without lathering with water will hurt your skin and this can also cause friction for the blade and also lead to multiple passes with a razor that will give chance to cuts, ance and ingrown hair.

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b. Application of shaving cream:

This can lubricate the skin and soften that hair but note that the hair must be lathered(wet)with water first before the application of any shaving cream wait for a minute after you have applied the shaving cream before shaving gentle.

4. Daily moisturize:

Trapping water in your skin works by moisturizer as to help in reduction on the appearance of fine lines and make the skin to look brighter and younger. Application of moisturizer to your face and body immediately after bath to have a better result.

5. Regular checking of skin:

Itching, spots, bleeding or color change in the skin is a warning sign of skin cancer whenever a suspicious spot is been noticed in the skin make an appointment to see dermatologist (Doctor)to receive treatment cause when treated in the early stage saves life to skin cancer can be dangerous when it gets to its final stage can be dangerous, and this can be changed in the skin can be noticed by regular check on the skin.

6. Protecting the skin:

Whenever you are outdoor the is advisable to be protected with sunscreen(if driving) but walking by foot it is necessary to cover the scalp, ears and neck for Best protection us a broad spectrum to avoid wrinkles and skin cancer.

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