Rashes On Both Hips – Causes And Symptoms

Rashes on both hips of a woman can make her so uncomfortable. On this article, you will get to know the causes and symptoms.

There is this certain woman who had a rash on both hips, and it was so unbearable that it bereave
her of comfort. She tried various remedies but had no positive results.

I couldn’t get in touch with her anymore to know if she actually got a remedy; I’m sure you don’t
want to be like her, right?

No matter what the problem is, causing the rash on one’s hips, it’s without doubts that it possibly can keep someone uncomfortable.

Have you tried several drugs, and didn’t get your desired result?

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Have you taken herbal treatments, and discovered that it acted like it was gone, but it’s still there?

Have you read a lot of articles about this, but it proffered no accurate and reliable solution?

Well, if you are reading this post, you are in the right direction; rash on hips, with the matching solutions, can be wiped off in a short while.

Moreover, the rash on hips gets to a point where it starts itching the infected parts, and that’s the state when some persons observe it’s a presence.

In this article, I will teach you how to get rid of the rash on hips, that causes itching, in no time.

Don’t worry, it’s clearly explained in order to help anybody easily get a solution.

Let’s look at the causes of Rashes On Both Hips.

Causes Of itchy Hips Or Rashes On Both Hips

1. Allergic Contact Dermatitis Can Cause Rashes On Both Hips

When your skin comes in contact with an irritant — which makes it forms a red, itchy rash — Allergic Contact Dermatitis is likely to occur.

There are numerous amount of substances, which can stir up such reaction — Allergic Contact
Dermatitis. They include:
• Laundry detergent
• Fabric softener
• Soaps
• Plants: poison oak, poison ivy
• Skin care products: lotions, etc.

This can also cause:

• Burning
• Tenderness
• Swelling
• Scaling
• Bumps and Blisters

2. Eczema Can Cause Rashes On Both Hips

This one is categorized as a chronic condition which makes you turn red, and become itchy.
Another name for it is Atopic Dermatitis.

What hasn’t been discovered yet is the exact cause of eczema. But, there are things that make it
show signs. These include:

• Dry Skin
• Stress
• Sweating
• Certain Fabrics Such As Polyester & Wool
• Soaps and Detergent
• Fragrances
• Household Cleaners
• Metals, Especially Nickels

3. Aquagenic Pruritus Can Cause Rashes On Both Hips

Do you know that Aquagenic Pruritus can cause rashes on both hips? Are you wondering how you identify people with aquagenic Pruritus? They react to water of any kind of temperature, I mean they experience serious itching immediately after their contact with water generally. The area around the body where it likely occurs are abdomen, arms, and legs.

The itching could also be experienced at the hips, neck, and face, but doesn’t happen at these
areas often.

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This itching, which is being talked about, is capable of lasting for up to an hour, and even more.
The itching sensation doesn’t give rise to any kind of rash or skin changes. No one has figured out
what really causes this condition, it’s presently unknown. Yes! It really may be a symptom of
another condition medically.

4. Restless Legs Syndrome Can Cause Rashes On Both Hips

As the name implies, it affects the legs — it creates an uncomfortable sensation in your legs. The
time when the symptoms of this are experienced is in the late afternoon or towards the evening. The
pain becomes profuse at night, that period when you’re sleeping or resting.

The action, which can relieve the sensation to an extent is moving the affected leg(s). But, one
disturbing thing is, it goes back to its normal sensation level when the movement stops. The RLS

symptoms don’t really exert a severe kind of sensation all the time; as the days go by, it varies.

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These obnoxious sensations are known, or described as:

• a crawling sensation
• itchy
• achy
• pulling
• throbbing

5. Vasculitis Can Cause Rashes On Both Hips

When you here Vasculitis, think blood vessels. It’s squarely a condition which involves
inflammation in the blood vessels. This happens that moment your immune system accidentally
attacks your blood vessels as a result of an infection.

It could also be as a result of other medical conditions or medications.

Talking about symptoms, it varies based on the affected area in the body. They include:

• Fever
• Joint Pains
• Loss of Appetite

After the Vasculitis affect your skin, you’ll begin to notice purple or red spots, hives or bruises. It’s
listed here, because it can also cause itching on the skin.

Symptoms Of Itchy Skin

This may be followed by another sickness, it so much depends on what exactly caused it. Below are
some more symptoms, and what they stand for:

• Itchy Hips With No Rash

This itchy hips with no rash is a state where you have itches on your body, but you just can’t find
any rash at the spot itching you.

It’s caused by:

– aquagenic Pruritus
– MS
– sciatica or other compressed nerves
– fibromyalgia
– other nerve damage

Itchy Hips And Abdomen

I once talked about Allergic Contact Dermatitis, this one and eczema are likely to be behind itchy
hips and abdomen. Contact with an allergen or trigger can expose you to experiencing this —
allergen or trigger such as soap or detergent. What you may also have are redness, dry or scaly
skin, or a rash.

MS and Fibromyalgia is capable of causing itching which can have a good effect in some areas of
the body.

Another thing which can cause itchy hips and abdomen is Shingles. This one, Shingles can show
up any area on your body.

But, most times, it shows up as a rash, which has pain attached, on just one side of the body.

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Another name given to Itchy Skin at night is Nocturnal Pruritus. At night, it can be very serious,
depriving one of sleep. There are a whole lot of causes, things which can cause itchy skin at night.
And, this also can affect the hips. Natural processes in the body which takes effect at night, such
as fluid balance and regulation, are what they include.

Other causes of itching at night include:

• bed bugs
• liver & kidney disease
• iron deficiency anemia
• cancer including leukemia and lymphoma

Moving further, let’s look at how we can treat this dis-ease, I know the whole symptoms have
scared you, but don’t fret, we have the treatment just for you.


The type of treatment depends solely on what started it. Treat it at home; you can treat it at home by doing these:

• Apply an unscented, alcohol-free lubricating moisturizer
• Bath in lukewarm water and colloidal oatmeal.
• Use a Humidifier.
• Avoid Products containing Perfumes.
• Avoid Itchy Fabrics, like wool and Polyester
• Avoid extreme temperatures when possible.
• Practice relaxation techniques, like deep breathing and yoga, if stress triggers your itching.

For medical treatment, your doctor needs to know what exactly is causing the itching, so he knows
where to start from. Depending on the cause, medical treatments may include:

• cognitive behavioral therapy
• antihistamine
• antidepressant
• GABA-ergic drugs
• steroid cream

Treatment using natural means

• Coconut: Apply the coconut oil to the affected area — areas affected by Atopic Dermatitis
symptoms. It helps to reduce the symptoms.

• Oatmeal: Apply a paste done with oatmeal or you try soaking in a bath containing oatmeal; it
helps to get rid of rash and itching.

• Honey: It’s wise to use honey on a rash because it helps very well in clearing it out. Honey
contains antimicrobial properties that improve the skin by promoting tissue repair and skin

• Chamomile Tea Compresses: Get Chamomile Tea, soak compresses in it, then apply on the part
which has the rash; it’ll help to ease the disturbing itching.

• Aloe Vera: In Aloe Vera, you have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agents, which has the ability
to make a skin glow when it’s applied to it. It also gives a sensation which makes the skin cool —
to ease pain from the rash.

These are the remedies, which you can use to get rid of the rash on both hips, but if it still remains, or
shows up in a weird manner — like bringing out colored fluids, coming with fever — make sure
you meet your doctor.

Thanks for reading.

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