Oily Skin Acne: Causes And Remedy

If your skin has an oily texture as well as acne, a magician isn’t needed to help one predict from whether it disturbs you or not.

Though, a skin, which is oily, doesn’t really go without advantages; the people, who have oily skin, are less liable to have wrinkles as compared to those with dry skin.

It’s only when you have experienced more than the aftereffects of acne as caused by an oilskin, that you would relate with the frustration of those who have it.

Don’t feel bad about yourself, because of the presence of those skin infections; all you need, as a trusted remedy for this, is a proper treatment — care — with that, you are capable of improving the type of your skin.

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No one is beyond learning every day; hence, don’t throw under the carpet the drive to study your skin type — that’s the first step to getting a glowing skin.

Oily skin causing acne, though isn’t completely bad, should be gotten rid of by adhering to, and practicing what we, in some minutes time, will disclose to you.

Don’t bother your head anymore, this article has remedies which can assure you the just fine solution(s) of an oily skin causing acne.

1. Perform A Cleansing On Your Face At Least Twice A Day

It’s been proven that one of the easiest and most reliable ways for one to keep oily skin in check, is by performing a regular cleansing on the face. Twice a day should you wash your face — including morning and night.

The recommended cleansers to use is, a facial cleanser or a foaming soap, instead of those cleansers that are just in cream and lotion form.

The cleansers, which foams, are categorized as the foaming cleansers. They help in cleansing out excess oil, hence making your skin smooth, and fresh.

Your face shouldn’t be exempted from areas in your body on which you perform the cleansing.
This cleansing on the face should be done after activities — gym class, work out, etc — especially when you sweat.

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One thing that has the ability of irritating breakouts — thereby, resulting in a specific type of acne called acne mechanism — is sweat. Now, rinse, if the necessary materials like Water and soap aren’t present, what you should do is to store a good number of clothes inside your bag — clothes for cleansing — to serve your skin an effective wipe-down.

The facial cleansing clothes are scattered in the market with different styles, colors, sizes, and whatnot; but trying out baby wipes, which don’t have fragrance, works wonder when it comes to cleansing the skin.

As the popular saying goes, “too much of everything is bad”, one has to really follow directions; performing a lot of cleansing process can mar your chances of having the result.

You know acne isn’t caused by just oil face; you can’t clear breakouts by just wishing

2. Use An Astringent As Cure For Oily Skin Acne

This has the complete ability to control oil. To give you a clue, Astringent are similar to Toners, but in cases where they are most especially prepared for the oily type of skin.

The Astringent does a fine job in removing excess oil which is found in the skin and also tightening the pores.

To make use of this, apply to a cotton pad or cotton ball, then take time to wipe out the substance at the places.

Practice this after performing the steps involved in the cleansing process, but it also should be carried out before the application of topical acne treatment or moisturizer.

Getting rid of oily shine and wiping off excess oil, during the day, is the work of Astringents. There are Astringents which have ingredients like salicylic acid or glycolic acid — these ingredients found in Astringents help in clearing blackouts.

Follow recommendations by experts to assist you in getting a reliable product for removing excess oil.

3. Go For Oil-Free & Water-Based Skin Care Products

It’s conspicuous how most people avoid applying extra oil to their already oily skin. When searching for products to apply on the skin, like creams or lotions, make sure you check for Oil-Free written around it. Check if it has Oil-Free written or not — most of them have it.

This is mostly for those leave-on products like makeup, sunscreen, and moisturizers. Another the label on products, which you must look out for, is noncomedogenic — it reduces your chances of having blockage around your pores, and with it, available acne breakouts are not easily triggered. It’s also known as Comedones.

Alternatively, people with oily skin types can go for Water-Based products — these are products which don’t leave behind any residue with too much weight on the skin, and they make use of a gel base.

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They don’t exert any pressure on the skin; they are virtually weightless on the skin.

On your quest of finding Water-Based products, you sure would find sunscreen, moisturizing gels, and make up the foundation. Always watch the labels, a colossal amount of these products are distributed to people who have skin that’s prone to breakout — and oily skin.

The topical acne medications, which you opt-in for, contain Water-Based options, as well. Things like Retin-A, Oxon and Differin and a whole lot of others are presented in a gel-like form.

Does the acne medication, which you’re doing right now, feel a bit too heavy or kinda greasy out of what you like? Request for a gel option — tell you, dermatologist, that you need the gel option.

4. Avoid Scrubbing At Your Face As Cure For Oily Skin Acne

You may seem conditioned to scrubbing away because you have oily skin, and it might have turned to a habit. This habit most times is hard to change.

You may ask, but scrubbing the skin can help to get rid of acne, reduce oiliness and thorough cleaning of pores?

Well, the clear answer is NO! It doesn’t work that way, you can’t rub the skin with washcloths, pads or scrubs — which are abrasive — and expect to improve acne and lessen the oil texture of your skin; NO!

No matter how your skin is, treat it gently, very much gently — whether it’s oily or not.

5. Make Use Of Exfoliating Products And/Or Acne Treatment On A Regular Basis

Going for products, which serves for Exfoliating the skin, and the treatment of acne is a very perfect idea. They help to reduce excess oil and improve the view of large pores.

Most times, oily skin and large pores go together — when you observe an oily skin, you just know there are large pores. And, the frustration which follows is synonymous with that which one gets following the presence of acne.

Permanently shrinking your pores might really not be possible, but you can look for a way to make them look smaller.

Numerous amount of acne medications cause a reduction in the size of pores — reducing enlarged pores — while performing a wiping away of breakouts.

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There’s an ingredient good for taking enlarged pores to the minimal size, it’s topical retinoids. Another option is over-the-counter salicylic acid.

Some people don’t battle that much with acne, because it isn’t their problem, but the one which gives them concern is the look of their enlarged pores.

The perfect remedy for this is the use of Exfoliating Products.

How do you prevent debris from your skin pores? Go for ingredients like Alpha Hydroxy Acids such as glycolic acid. Keeping debris away, makes the pores look smaller.

These are ways with which you can prevent oily skin causing acne. As said in the steps above, oily skin is caused by enlarged pores. When your pores are enlarged, it causes your skin to be oily.

So, your approach should be taking ingredients which can counteract oily skin causing acne.

Like the glycolic acid protects the skin from debris to ensure that the pores are smaller. Follow these steps and you’re assured of getting rid of oily skin causing acne.

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