Oily Face – Best Way To Treat An Oily Face

When you notice that you have an oily face or skin, you tend to find it disturbing, and your utmost desire to find the proper remedy for it would be a priority.

What if I tell you about how to treat oily acne prone skin naturally? Would you give it a try? No, the precise answer, yet? Before I proceed, let me enlighten you on a little about what causes Oily Skin; sometimes, an oily
skin is experienced after the expansion of your sweat pores.

However, the skin is said to be oily when there are enlarged pores, which do more than what they are meant for.

Well, here’s just one of it, stick with me as I move further to disclose more of them.

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Don’t worry, after you’re done reading this article, you’d know how to tackle oily skin; you’d have a good knowledge about it. And, do you know one great thing? It’s not limited to anyone, you can also extend the knowledge to your friends who might be in sheer need of it, too. my share button is working just fine!

Without stretching further, I’m two steps into giving in details what you should know about an Oily skin, and how to treat oily acne prone skin naturally.

Still with me? Read On!

Causes And Best Way To Treat An Oily Face

1. Genetics: Genetic is completely based on inheritance from your parents. Well, you can’t decide what you’d inherit from your parents, but if it’s oily skin, which you happen to inherit, it’s proven that your skin would be prone to clogged pores and acne.

As a result of inheriting such, you are said to have larger sebaceous glands which create or produce much & much of oil.

2. Over Application & Products

There’s nobody who doesn’t cherish for himself/herself a radiant and glowing skin. There’s this mistake made by most persons; that mistake is, overusing cleansing products & Exfoliating the skin excessively. In the quest for better skin texture, you can’t imagine how people add manpower in scrubbing their skin, that way exerting a lot of pressure to the skin.

Though the use of those cleansing products, and products, which can be used to perform exfoliation, shouldn’t be neglected, for those who desire a glowing skin — everyone would after all.  But, some people apply these products without minding how it’s used.

That is to say, you shouldn’t listen to any person recommending the overusing of skin products, far higher than the normal amount, which you apply.

Overusing the cosmetic products has unfavorable effects which are not friendly to your skin.

3. Changes

I’m sure we all know what change means; to help you out, change is when the Oxford dictionary decides to change “change” to “chance”. If it’s done, then that’s change. I was just trying to rephrase to give you a better idea of what change means.

Having known that, I’m sure we can proceed, right? GOOD!

The hike of humidity and heat at summer season is capable of causing an increase in the production of skin’s oil. Although, there are times, in the winter season, when the skin gets dehydrated. In case of that, the skin produces lots of oil to support the skin which just lost its moisture.

4. Medicines sometimes, to really compensate for the loss of natural resources, one can employ the use of medicines which has the ability to cause dehydrated; it also produces more, excess oil.

Hormone replacement medication, as well as hormonal birth control, can cause an increase in the production of oil.

5. Applying incorrect Products

The very first step to take before going for any product is, getting a good knowledge of your skin type — know your skin very well. Let’s assume that you use a cleanser for oily skin, and you’re aware that you have combination skin, the aftermath of such act is, the skin loses its natural oil.

Many promise nutrients in their products, but the product ends up not having even a little of them.

6. Hormonal Chances

In the life of a woman, she experiences, in her body, a good number of hormonal changes. That means she has gone through stages. The production of excess oil is also done by the hormonal changes. When do the hormonal changes happen? It happens during adolescent, pre and post marriage, pregnancy.

7. Stress

Especially the working class people, they experience this more often. I’m sure not everyone knows that stress is bad for your skin; yes! Now, you’ve known.

Stress causes the Secretion of androgen hormones which lead to the production of more oil.

8.Use Of Unnecessary Skincare Tools

The body responds to dehydration caused by Scrubbing with a washcloth, using a rotating cleansing brush, hand mitts, buff puffs, and strips. How does the body respond? By creating, producing excess oil.

Now, I have stated for you these 8 causes of Oily Skin, let’s move on to how to treat oily acne prone skin naturally.


1. Best Way To Treat An Oily Face by Cleansing

Do a washing on your face using lukewarm water for 3 times a day, this will immensely help in wiping out excess out and stopping the formation of acne. To close the pores, and stay at the pH the balance of your skin; it’s essential that you splash cold water directly to your face.

Don’t forget, you really don’t have to wash your face every minute of the clock, because performing the wash every time can make your skin go dry.

There’s something called deep cleansing, this kind of cleansing is the type which contributes to giving a healthy skin. Have it in mind that a few amounts of oil are part of what you need for healthy skin. While getting cleansers for your skin, make sure you avoid the ones with waxes, soaps, and oil.

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The ingredients, which you should watch out for in a cleanser, are salicylic acid and glycolic acid; why? Because they help immensely in gently cleansing and Exfoliating oily skin.

The acids stated above are acids present in cleansers which are powerful for getting rid of acne-prone skin. Some persons have very sensitive skin, what these set of people should do is going for cleansers having quite a low concentration of salicylic acid & glycolic acid.

2. Best Way To Treat An Oily Face By Exfoliate

Oily skin can be exfoliated using a gentle scrub; this eliminates skin cells — which are dead — excess oil, Grimes, and makes sure the skin gets smoother. Don’t bother about purchasing a product for performing exfoliation, when you can just prepare it at home. A natural approach is like no other.

Follow these steps:

Starting with using the OATMEAL.

• Look for an unsweetened and plain OATMEAL.
• To get it in finely done smaller pieces, blend in a food processor.
• You can make it look like a paste by mixing Aloe Vera gel in its raw state.
• Use the mixture to rub around your face an neck for at least 2 minutes.
• Do a rinsing with warm water.
• This should be followed up with a Toner.

Baking Soda, Honey & Lemon Is Another Best Way To Treat An Oily Face

• In case you don’t know, honey moisturizes oily skin, and also has antibacterial properties.
• Baking soda needed is half a teaspoon, also for the lemon juice, just half a teaspoon is needed.
Then, one tablespoon of Honey.
• Make sure you mix them well.
• Apply the mixture on your face by rubbing with your fingertips.

3. Best Way To Treat An Oily Face Using Toner

A Toner helps to effectively improve the circulation of blood to the skin surface. It also does well in closing the pores and making the skin glow. These Toners, which can be made at home, stated below are just what you need to have healthy skin.

• Apple Cider Vinegar Spray
Add equal parts of vinegar with water in a bottle used for spraying liquids. Use the bottle containing the mixture to spray directly on your face. Here’s a very active Toner to use.

• Green Tea Toner
The green tea is used as a Toner because of its antioxidant properties. And, it’s also known as a tea for purifying your skin. Pick a teaspoon of the green tea, then brew it a little strong. Afterward, allow it to get cold, and store in a spray bottle. This one, as a Toner, can be applied about twice per day.

4. Best Way To Treat An Oily Face Using Face Mask

You can make your dull face appear soft by making use of face masks. The face mask can be put together using home-made ingredients.

• Clay Mask
Look for a facial clay — this one can be gotten from any chemist around you. Take 2 teaspoons of clay with warm water. After the mixture, apply all areas of your face and neck. Allow it on your face for up to 5 minutes. While you allow it, make sure that it doesn’t dry. Then, rise.

• Egg White Mask
This mask has the function of soaking up excess oil. Use one teaspoon of honey with an egg white. Then, stir very well, pour a little gram flour to make it look like a paste. Apply and allow it for 5 minutes, then rinse off.

• Mashed Mango Mask
Get Mango, and mash a little bit from it. Apply and allow for a few minutes, then rinse.

5. Best Way To Treat An Oily Face Using Moisturizer

The way to reduce the effect of cleansers, which can make your skin dry: you have to use a moisturizer immediately after using any cleanser. Just like what cleansers contain, moisturizers contain alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs): glycolic and lactic acid.

Your exposure to the sun can make it hard for new skin cells to take the position of old ones.
Moisturizers help in improving the skin by removing the glue-like substance that holds the dead skin cells to your skin.

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