Lump On Inner Thigh Near Groin In Female

Lump On Inner Thigh Near Groin In Female: Symptoms, Causes, And Remedy:

Your private part, as a female, is a very delicate area of your body. Whatever dealings you have
around that area, you should be very careful.

Some persons complain of lump on inner thigh near groin — mostly females. That’s a condition
which shouldn’t be taken lightly because it goes towards your private part, and if you don’t tackle it
on time, it’ll saturate into delicate areas causing further illness. This can be caused by irritation
on the skin or a symptom of a few STDs.

Before going to your doctor, you can pick up your smartphone and research the remedy for such
dis-ease; as they say, Google is your friend. Don’t place the information you get on the internet or
from a friend above that of a doctor.

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Aside the one from a doctor, the other ones you get are the general ones. Therefore, if you try the ones which you assimilate from the internet, and the symptoms still persist, don’t hesitate to see your doctor.

Today, I’ll give you several causes of lump on inner thigh near the groin, the symptoms, and how you
can treat it. Just stay focused on your phone as I disclose it to you.

Ready? Read on.


A lump on inner thigh near groin for female could appear either soft or hard, without pain or with
pain, itchy or not itchy; it’s totally dependent on the cause of the lump on inner thigh near the groin.

Here are the causes as well as the treatment:

1. Ingrown Hair Cyst & Treatment

There are bumps, which cause a lot of pain on the carrier. These kinds of bumps can appear,
because of ingrown hair in between your thigh. In case you don’t know what an ingrown hair is, it
is the curling of hair back into the skin instead of growing outwards.

This growth can lead to the development of painful pus-filled cyst in the inner thigh near the groin.

This isn’t limited to any sex, it’s effect can be seen in both male and female. Ingrown hair pus is
either yellowish or greenish in color.

Bumps like these can cause discomfort and irritation. And, if the cyst is infected with bacteria, just
expect the condition to worsen. A cyst, which is infected, makes one prone to developing boil in
this area. This is completely a very serious problem, different from its initial state.


• To reduce the inflammation of the cyst, and increase the circulation of blood, use a warm
compress. It helps in doing these.

Take a cloth and soak in warm water, then squeeze out the water from the cloth. Afterward, place
it, I mean to press it over the cyst. This creates a soothing effect which stands as a remedy.

• You can still get over the counter steroid creams which helps in the reduction of irritation and
inflammation of the cyst.

• One thing you should avoid, no matter how hard it may seem, is using shavers over and over
again to prevent ingrown hair. In addition, try to adopt a good pattern of shaving or other
techniques, which are good at removing hair. Not excluding the removal of hair permanently.

2. Infections And Boils

When you notice a painful itchy small red lump on the upper thigh, just know that there’s a
bacterial infection(s). As you get those bacterial infections, in a short time, pus will fill the bumps
causing it to form boils. The hair follicles on the inner thighs can cause boils when it gets an infection.

Sweating can cause an accumulation of bacteria, which may lead to encouraging infections. On
the same vein, rubbing your thigh, most times unconsciously, can make one prone to these

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In a situation where you’re dealing with a boil, the boil will break-open and pour out pus, in space of a few days. This may lead to having a scab and scar on the inner thigh. If not followed up medically, it can make the infection spread to other areas of the body leading to recurring boil which may cost you a lot to treat. The moment you start getting symptoms like fever and fatigue that can be caused by the infection, report to your doctor.


• The application of a warm compress, while at home, can go a long way in treating the boil. This
is how you do this: take a clean cloth, soak in warm water, then squeeze out the excess water in
the cloth, after that, press the cloth on your boil. It’s imperative and recommended that you
perform this 3 times on a daily basis until the boil heals.

• You can get the inflammation reduced by having a warm sitz bath.

• If the boil is a large one, visit your doctor to drain it for you. Or you can meet a surgeon. Your
doctor can prescribe antibiotics to treat bacterial infection. They also prescribe a painkiller, if the
boils are so painful.

3. Genital Warts And Treatment

Having itchy boils on the inner thighs in either male or female can be a symptom of Genital Warts.
According to Wikipedia: About 1 in 6 Americans (16.2%) aged 14 to 49 is infected with HSV-2.
HSV-2 prevalence was nearly twice as high among women (20.9%) than men (11.5%).

Concerning Warts, it’s mostly gotten by women, though men can also get it. It’s itchy, bumps filled
with blood, and may appear in clusters. Genital warts can show up and grow on the vulva, anal
canal, and the vagina.

If you have sex with a person infected with the HPV virus, you will contact it. In other words, HPV
The virus is taken to another person through sexual intercourse. This very virus has been related to
a few types of virus.


• Right now, there’s no available cure for the HPV virus. But, it can be prevented using vaccines.
These vaccines prevent the virus and Genital warts.

• Make use of a condom whenever you want to have sex, it helps you stay safe from contacting
Genital warts.

4. Jock Itch

The main thing which causes Blisters and inner thigh rash is Jock Itch. This Jock Itch is classified
as a fungal infection, which is caused by a fungus known as a dermatophyte. This gives rise to a red
blister on the inner thigh around the buttocks and groin area.

Being exposed to moisture for a long time is the main cause of Jock Itch. It also can be caused by
wearing clothes, which are soaked with sweat, for a long time. This one is very contagious if you
go close, I mean close contact, with someone who’s infected, you can get it, too.


• Apply over the counter antifungal creams to get rid of Jock Itch.
• Also make sure the areas, which are affected, stay clean and dry.
• Putting on clean undergarments can protect you from Jock Itch.

5. Inner Thigh Chafing

As you skin rubs against skin or cloth, you may have reddish Blisters and blotches on your groin
and inner thighs area. And, those reddish Blisters are most times painful. It’s very much irritating
and uncomfortable, when you get inner thigh sores, because of chafing. People, who are
overweight, are very much prone to contacting this painful condition — even athletes, too.


• You have to always put on cotton undergarments which clear the moisture in your groin area.
The salt, which sweat contains, heightens the effect of chafing.

• Alternatively, you can apply talcum powder to absorb sweat before moving out for exercise.

After following these treatments, if it still persists, don’t hesitate to visit your doctor and let him
know about it. Don’t fret it, when you notice a lump on inner thigh near groin which happens to
both male and female.

Thanks for reading.

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