Hydrate Your Skin Without Moisturizer

In this article, you will be learning how to Hydrate your skin without moisturizer. Seat back and relax while reading.

Do you want smooth skin, oh Yes! Who wouldn’t? I’m sure you too want a smooth skin; have you thought about hydrating your skin, yet?

Maybe, you have not heard about this before. Well, your skin requires a colossal amount of hydration to keep it glowing, younger and even more smooth.

Having dry skin is capable of making you look way older than your age? And at the same time make you look really dull.

It is highly needed that you keep your skin hydrated, so you can retain a very nice and healthy skin.

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No matter the weather condition or environment you find yourself, hydrating your skin frequently doesn’t is indeed not a bad idea because, in every weather condition, your skin needs proper hydration.

As you read on, you will learn how to hydrate that skin of yours without a moisturizer. I won’t show you how to use artificial products to hydrate your skin, instead, I will show you how to moisturize your skin using natural approach or methods.

Don’t worry yet, the natural ways on how to hydrate your skin without moisturizer can be practiced by anyone; maybe, you have read about it somewhere else, but you don’t understand its process. I have compiled several, yet simple means with which you can use to keep your skin hydrated.

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There are quite a lot of Moisturizers at some shops close to you, but I choose to recommend for your ingredients which you can find at your home or within your environment.

Let’s get started as I show you how to hydrate your skin without a moisturizer, artificial moisturizer.

Read on.

How To Hydrate Your Skin Without Moisturizer

  1. You can Hydrate your Skin With an Oil

Check your house for an oil, anyone at home, you can find Oil like baby oil, Coconut Oil, castor oil, olive oil, mineral oil, sesame oil, etc. Anyone of them could be used hydrate the skin. You might be wondering how. But until you start using any of these oils consistently, you would be amazed at the wonderful transformation of your skin.

This can be archived by doing the following with any of these oils:

  • Massaging your body after you have applied the oil all over your body. The massage should last for a minute or two. The act of massaging will help the oil absorb quickly into your skin.

  • Doing it with either of these two ways: you can leave it on your skin all through the night, or you can as well make use of it after taking your bath.

We need to do this about 2-3 times on a weekly basis for an effective result.

A skin that is itchy and very hard or dry requires immense hydration, and for this hydration to take effect, oil is needed. I have mentioned some oils like baby oil, Coconut Oil, castor oil, olive oil, mineral oil, sesame oil, etc. And these oils offer perfect glowing effect to your skin.

Oils have a lot of richness in Vietnam A, Vitamin E and fatty acids. They absorb moisture, and at the same time, distribute nutrients around the skin to ensure optimum skin health. If you apply more often, you will surely notice a fresher and tender skin.

2. Honey can be Used To Moisturize Your Skin

I know this may sound weird to some people, but yes you heard me right. You can moisturize your skin with pure honey. All you need for this is just organic honey. After you have gotten organic honey, this is how to use it:

  • Locate the affected area on your body, then apply the honey on it. Either on the arms or on the face.

  • Don’t touch the honey, it should be on your face for about 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Perform a rinsing with lukewarm water to later pat dry.

Cases where you have very dry or hard skin, it’s recommended that you repeat this twice or 3 times a day to help fight against the dry or hard skin.

Honey is classified among the best natural moisturizers for our skin. It is natural emollient and humectant. It penetrates to the deeper layers of your skin to moisturize it. It also helps in cleaning up your skin pores and restore the dull skin to its natural glow with its antioxidants.

Research has shown that Honey itself is natural humectant and emollient. It has the ability to penetrate to the inner layers of your skin in order to moisturize it. It is also responsible for the cleaning up of your skin Pores, and the restoration of skin, which is dull, with antioxidants.

  1. Use Milk or Buttermilk to hydrate your skin

I don’t need to explain about Milk before you know what it is all about. Most of you can identify milk when you come across one. What you need here is either cold milk or Buttermilk. Now, what really do you have to do with it when you have either of these milk?

Apply the milk on the area which is affected, don’t wipe it out until it is about 10 to 15 minutes. After that time is due, rinse with lukewarm water.

This act should be practiced about twice a week before you take your bath. As we know, dull skin makes one look somehow. If I should use the word “somehow”. At least, milk is most times within your reach, so you don’t have much moving to do; just go to your fridge and get either milk or a Buttermilk.

The application has a perfect way of hydrating skins or any skin type at all and to add to that, the milk easily penetrates into the skin Pores. In addition, milk has the ability to keep Wrinkles far away from the skin. Don’t settle for this approach with milk, if you’re allergic to milk.

  1. You can Moisturize Skin With an Avocado

No one needs to tell you that to moisturize the skin, you need an avocado. To do that, follow these simple steps carefully:

  • Make sure you take out the pulp inside the avocado.
  • Mash this in a gentle manner, in order to leave no lumps available.
  • On the affected area, make sure it’s applied and left for about 10minutes.
  • Perform a rinse with warm water.

This process should be repeated about twice a week.

Using this home remedy, very soon you will see the evident result which it causes. Do you have flaky and dry patches? This remedy has got you covered, it wipes away that, too.

The fruits avocado contains in it numerous nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, vitamins C, Vitamin E, fatty acids and Carotenoids.

The mentioned nutrients go a long way into causing a glow your the skin; not just that, they also keep the skin away from free radicals. Vitamin C helps in elastin and collagen synthesis which improves your skin.

  1. Mango Butter Can Also Be Used to moisturize your skin

Do you know mango is another popular fruit, but now its addition word is “butter”, it is tempting to ask how the Mango Butter looks like? Just similar to the others; like here, you have to apply the butter to all over your skin for some massaging.

Do this on a daily basis for an effective and positive result. Mango Butter is rich in antioxidants as well as ingredients that moisturize, helping it to moisturize your skin. This Mango Butter has no hindrance when it comes to it absorbing through the skin into the deeper layers.

  1. With Aloe Vera, you can hydrate your skin too

Yes, we are dealing with Aloe Vera something most of you know about. What you need here is the Aloe Vera leaf. Make sure you remove the outside part of the leaf and take out the stem which delivers the gel. After that, squeeze the gel out, and mash it. After mashing it, apply it as

Soon as possible. Allow it to dry for about 10 to 12 minutes after applying, then wash it off using warm water. The remainder of the gel can be stored in the refrigerator at the place, which is called airtight container for few days.

This process should be repeated once every in a day for 2 to 3 days.

Plant an aloe Vera close to you just close to your balcony won’t be a bad idea. Don’t bother about how long it takes before it grows, it doesn’t really stay for a very long time. Vitamin E and Vitamin A are nutrients which Aloe Vera have to give to your skin.

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Aloe Vera has in it something called plant steroids. These plants steroids are responsible for fighting against inflammation. Any area of your skin that appears dry or hard, and also has itching sensation; this helps to relieve it.

  1. You can use Shea Butter to hydrate your skin

The organic Shea butter is what you will use here. Melt a little amount of Shea butter by placing it in between your hands, and rubbing it on any part of your skin. Make sure you get to apply it all over the areas which are affected. Perform a massage for some minutes, so it gets absorbed into the skin.

Shea butter is rich in saturated fatty acid, which makes it one of the preferred moisturizer for the skin. It also has Anti-Aging and healing properties.

Having known these natural ways to hydrate your skin, you are a step away to achieving that texture of skin which you desire. The above steps on how to hydrate skin without moisturizer make you understand know that you mustn’t have a product around before you can moisturize your skin. Moisturizing with natural elements can’t be compared to moisturizing with the artificial ones — though some of the artificial ones that contain natural nutrients.

Try these moisturizers now, I’m are ready to hear from you.

If you have any questions, kindly relay them via the comment section, I will attend to them all. Thanks for reading.

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