How To Look Younger

How To Look Younger: In the world today, there are people who pray to God on a daily basis, just about him giving them the ability to remain young until eternity. And, if those set of people hear that there’s a pill available for the persons, who desire to stay young forever — do you think they won’t take in that pill? They will.

But, unfortunately, there’s no such pill. Good news is, you can look young even while you grow image; doesn’t that sound incredible? It’s all hidden in this article the things to note in your quest for looking young. You’ll be exposed to those hints, which will help you look young, even while celebrating your 10th birthday ahead.

Some people can’t afford to allow aging to get the better of them by affecting their look, so they opt-in for remedies to help them stay young, and some have complained that the remedies they go for don’t make any change — if you are among that category, I advise you stick to your screen as we disclose to you the bonafide tips on how to look younger.

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In addition, note that these tips won’t make you look over a decade younger, it will only help you care for you, and improve it, too — getting rid of wrinkles and spots. You have nothing to lose using these tips, instead, you only have spots and wrinkles to lose. Without further ado, let’s move into the main course.


1. Wear Sunscreen

This is something you should know: the signs of aging which is visible are of a very much percentage — this happens as a result of the negative effect of ultraviolet rays. That’s why it’s essential that you put on sunscreen, that way you keep such effect at bay.

2. Get Enough Sleep

Whenever people talk about the idea of beauty, don’t think they are talking about a myth. You have to work your way into having that young and beautiful skin. You need to give your body enough time, so it can restore itself — most times, overnight — and that doesn’t exclude the face.

Those hours while you sleep, cells are at work, I’m sure you want to know what they are at work doing, right? Well, they are busy repairing the damage of DNA from the day before, therefore what you have to do is, snuggle down and allow them to get on with their necessary duty.

3. Learn Where To Put Concealer

It’s very good to dab a little bit onto the skin between the nose and the inner corner of the eye — this gives you light right into a dark spot and causes the face of people above 30 to be brightened up. Performing that dabbing practice has the effect of delivering light into dark areas. Move a bit at the areas around the corners of your nostrils, too, in order to get rid of redness.

4. Use A Clarisonic Cleansing Brush

If you know about ultrasonic toothbrushes, you will know that this kind of brush helps in making the teeth cleaner, compared to the effect of using other toothbrushes, or other methods of brushing. This gadget suitable for the hand possess bristles that perform an oscillation for 300 times a second, and it’s designed to get rid of dirt around the pores, for a healthier and a skin that looks younger.

5. Resolve To Eat More Oily Fish

In case you can’t find fish that are more Oily, it’s also advisable that you go for a fish-oil supplement which is of high grade. We neglect to consume enough fatty acid, and this acid is responsible for the better functioning of our brain, not just that, this acid also does a lot in helping the skin remain healthy by keeping the skin-cell-membrane in good health. As a result, stopping the skin from showing its dry nature.

6. Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking plenty of water doesn’t hydrate your skin just immediately, it works on keeping the inside healthy, then in no time, the skin starts getting hydrated. For some people, drinking water is kind of a hard endeavor, because they have tea, hot toddies or warming coffee within their reach.

7. Cut Sugar From Your Diet

Sugar is one ingredient that the body doesn’t need, especially when staying young is what you have in mind. According to nutritionists and skin experts, sugar aggravates a process which is known as glycation — this glycation stirs up aging right inside the skin. Someone said, after doing away with sugar for just 2 weeks, she began to see her skin become brighter and clearer again.

8. Exercise Regularly

Either it’s scuba-diving, rock-climbing or walking the dog, just anything that keeps you in motion, do it — they will help to improve your circulation. That will result in a swift flow of blood to the skin, helping the skin stay healthy with a going-over texture.

9. Give Up Smoking

This is added here to give you an additional reason to quit. Smoking keeps oxygen far away from the skin, boosting the aging process by hastening the degradation of collagen — when that gets hastened, more wrinkles show up. It’s never a good practice for your skin, it keeps a healthy skin at arm’s length.

10. Eat More Good Bacteria

There’s something nutritionists call gut dysbiosis, or an unhealthy gut — if you possess such, it must show in your skin’s condition. To counteract that, take in acidophilus, a probiotic supplement, every single day; it is likely to improve levels of good gut flora, which will result in a skin that looks healthy and younger.

11. Sleep On Silk, Or Satin, Pillowcase

Fabric — which is slippery — such as satin or silk takes very less on the skin, so don’t make it prone to wrinkles. This may sound like a fairy tale, but it’s actually true. Hairdresser recommends these to their customers as well.

12. Relax Your Jaw

When we let our jaw relax, we create a space between our back teeth. Put on a mouthguard, which is specially fitted; put on the lift for a few hours, do this for twice a week: this increases the space gradually, activating the muscles in the face and, slowly and subtly, delivers a natural facelift effect.

13. Plump Up Your Cheeks

As we increase in age, our skin ages, too. So, as the face experience aging, the fat pads found inside our cheeks and below our eyes crumble years before the face starts to experience sagging. Some persons are up for the available semi-surgical work, if you’re among those persons, consider having a boost of the volume in your cheek with injections of hyaluronic acid-based gel.

14. Spend Time Doing Things That Make You Happy

When you spend time doing kinds of stuff, which make you happy, you have a better look. And also, try your best to smile a bit more than how you smile. It helps the body change its mood, I mean it tricks the body. Know this, drowning uses more muscles the muscles used when one smiles.

15. Cut Down Your Alcohol Intake

Drinks don’t only have a dehydrating effect on the body, but it makes the capillaries dilated, which results in giving a rosy flush on the face (not in a good way) and has a general inflammatory effect on the body that gives rise to aging.

16. Try Facial Acupuncture

If you’re not scared by having the idea of piercing needles in your face, give it a whirl. You need a lot of money to do this, but it produces great results.

17. Exfoliate

Don’t do this harshly, perform with a muslin cloth soaked in hot water, get this done every night. Doing this is enough to wipe the dead cells out of the surface, and when the dead cells are wiped off, it makes the skin smoother.

18. Use An Antioxidant Serum

This is used immediately after cleansing and before your normal moisturizer as a form of treatment to boost your skin, these have in them vitamins that work in repairing and protecting the skin.


These tips involve the natural remedies, the fruits, and natural ingredients, which also play a massive role in making you look younger. And, I’ll disclose to you what they contain. Still there? Let’s proceed.

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

One of the healthier fat on earth, which you should know about, is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Based on research, this type of Olive Oil may help quite a lot of common diseases connected with aging. In addition, it decreases the pressure of blood, lowers the risk of having heart disease, does a lot in helping you to prevent metabolic syndrome. They also show that it may be quite effective in fighting against cancer.

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This Oil also ensures that your skin looks much younger. Lab and animal studies have it that Olive oil has strong anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. It makes the skin defensive against sun damage.

2. Green Tea

This green tea contains a high level of antioxidants, which has the ability to protect against those free radicals. In case you don’t know what free radicals are, free radicals are those molecules, which are unstable — these molecules form at the time of metabolism and as a result, and response, of stress. The antioxidants are not stable in their structure, so they can’t cause damage.

Also, green tea is high in antioxidants known as polyphenols, these polyphenols fight against heart disease, inflammation, diabetes, and insulin resistance. These antioxidants, polyphenols, has the ability to help in protecting collagen — the main protein found in your skin.

3. Fatty Fish

Fatty Fish is a food that fights against aging. Its long-chain omega-3 fats are responsible for getting rid of inflammation, heart disease, and ulcerative colitis and other diseases. It also secures the body from those diseases.

According to studies, they are likely to protect against damage and inflammation that happens during the exposure to the sun. One of the popular types of fatty Fish is Salmon. This fish — Salmon — has a component that helps the skin its young-looking nature.

It had in it a carotenoid antioxidant called astaxanthin: this is highly responsible for the pink color of salmon.

4. Vegetables

VThe vegetable has very low calories in them and is much dense in the nutrient. Just like the aforementioned, they also have antioxidants that help in immensely reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer and cataract give; a lot of vegetables are also rich in carotenoids such as beta carotene.

They secure your skin against free radicals and skin radiation — skin radiation and free radiation have the ability to cause skin aging. Here are some of the best sources of beta carotene: sweet potatoes, carrots, and pumpkin.

Vitamin C is highly important for the production of collagen and has the effect of strong antioxidants. Vegetables have Vitamin C.

A study has proven that when people consume 180mg of Vitamin C on a daily basis for about 4 weeks, the antioxidants of their skin increases by the rate of 37%. Want to know Vegetables with the highest Vitamin C? They include broccoli, tomatoes, leafy greens, and bell peppers.

5. Avocados

Avocados are rich in fat — which healthy for the heart — several vitamins, minerals and fiber that are highly important for your health. They also taste delicious and are extremely versatile. To add to this, avocados have active
compounds called polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols.

Having known this, I’m sure you can now work towards having a skin that looks like young. I know that some of you already have young skin, so for you to regain that young skin of yours, read between the lines of the words in this article, and achieving that won’t be a herculean task.

I have come across people who are tired of getting products to keep their skin glowing and in a healthy nature, because the products they have purchased end up doing the otherwise — giving no positive result.

Consciously follow these, and get a positive outcome. Thanks for reading.

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