How To Look Younger In Your 50s

How To Look Younger Your 50s: There is joy from being an infant down to becoming a teenager. In this period, you get the best treatment from your parent and also have the best skin.

As an infant or teenager, you have this glowing skin that is so sparking and attractive, but what happens when you begin to advance in age? from the age of 30 and 40, you are already exposed to too much stress and life problem which leads to shrinking of skin and causing you to have or develop bad skin.

In the world we live today, there are people who pray to God every day to grant them that privilege or ability to remain young all their life. When people with such mindset learned that there is a magic pill that will do this for their bad skin, believe me, that majority won’t hesitate to buy an abundance of it.

Though I and you know that such a magic pill will never exist even if science and technology try their very best. But hey, no need to worry much, in this article, you will I will show you 23 Ways How To Look Younger At 50s.

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If properly done, or follow the instructions, you can even look 10 years younger than your real age. I believe that should cause you a relieve right? For you to have good skin or a younger looking skin, there are things to note in this quest. I will show you some skin care tips which will help you look young in your 50s.

Most people who love younger hood can’t afford to allow old age get the better part of them by affecting their beautiful look and beautiful skin. Because of this, they venture into aggressive research finding a solution to getting rid of old skin to enable them to look younger as they age.

After all these, some still complained that the remedies they go for seem not to make any good impact on their skin. If you find yourself in this category, I advise you to read this article till the end as I show you tips for maintaining a younger skin in your 50s.

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The tips I will be listing will help you care for yourself and improve your skin as you grow older.

23 Ways How To Look Younger At 50s

Finding this article online is a prayer answered to your request. With some of the listed tips like regular exercise, good nutrition, following skin care routine and many more will go along way to halt the aftermath of time on your body system. Check out 23 Ways to Look Younger in Your 50s.

1. Putting On Sunscreen

Putting on a sun shade is not a need thing, you should be familiar with it. When you begin to age, the signs are always noticeable. This is because of the obvious reactions of ultraviolet rays. Because of this, it is very essential to get yourself a sunscreen. With this, you can keep this effect far away.

2. You Need To Get Enough Sleep

Taking enough rest or getting enough sleep has a negative effect on human skin. The reason why when people talk about beauty they think it’s magic. NO! You have a role to play in achieving that glowing and ever young skin you desire for.

One of the wonders of God (for those who believe in him) is that, when you fall asleep, the organs and cell in your body resumes their work by correcting every disrupted part. That is why you will never see your yourself or any growing, but every brand new day, there is always new development in that person.

Same is applicable to the skin. When you fall asleep, your skin refreshes. Therefore the more sleep you give yourself, the better the chances of having clear and younger skin.

3. Master Which Parts To Apply Concealer

Dabbing a bit on the skin that is between your nose and the inner corner of your eye is very essential and important because it aids correcting dark spots also help the face and skin of people who are in their 50s. Doing this often goes a long way in delivering light into some dark parts. Try also to move closer around the corners of your nostrils to enable you to overcome redness.

4. Make Use Of Use A Clarisonic Cleansing Brush

Do you know about ultrasonic toothbrushes? If you do, then you should know that brushes like this make fainted teeth even brighter and whiter when it’s com[pared to using an ordinary took bruh or other local means of brushing your teeth. A study has proven that this gadget is suitable for the hand and possesses bristles that perform an oscillation for 300 times a second, and it’s designed to get rid of dirt around the pores, for a healthier and a skin that looks younger.

5. Resolve To Eat More Oily Fish

In case you can’t find fish that are more Oily, it’s also advisable that you go for a fish-oil supplement which is of high grade. We neglect to consume enough fatty acid, and this acid is responsible for the better functioning of our brain, not just that, this acid also does a lot in helping the skin remain healthy by keeping the skin-cell-membrane in good health. As a result, stopping the skin from showing its dry nature.

6. Develop The Habit Of Drinking Plenty Of Water

Water is life, water cleanses the body system, water refreshes our skin. When you drink water, it doesn’t immediately hydrate your skin. It first digests on the inside making it look good and healthy after a while, the skin gets hydrated.

7. Avoid Too Much Sugar Or Cutt It From Your Diet

Sugar is sweet no doubt also possibly the sweetest thing on earth with taste. But there are this popular saying “Sweet things kills farter”. Your tongue is always tasty for sweet things and would never say no when one is presented to it.

But your body system hates it especially if you are looking out to stay healthy, younger and stronger. A study from nutritionists and skin experts, sugar causes dangerous harm known as glycation. This glycation makes the old person inside you show faster. When you do away with sugar for a week or two, just watch how refreshing your skin becomes.

8. Develop the habit of Exercising Regularly

Exercise is very essential for the body. Even a health expert would recommend you to exercise on a daily basis. Even if you cant visit the gym, there are other simple yet good exercise you can do at the convenient of your home such as: jogging around the compound, waling a long distance, seat up and push-ups. These things will help improve your health and looks. Because the more you exercise, the more blood circulates and run through all the needed body parts. This would improve your life span too.

9. Say No To Smoking

Smoking is a common thing in today world. Some smoke because they are addicted, some do because they want to feel among, some smoke because of cold.

Well whatever your reason is, remember that smoking is never good for your health. Even the ministry of health has warned that smokers are liable to die younger.

When you smoke often, it shrinks you and damages your not just your liver but your whole body system and this goes a long way in making you look even elder. So in your 50s, you may choose to say no to smoking and watch how fresh and glowing your skin becomes.

10. Shave off a few years

Wondering how to get younger looking skin? Do you know as you grow older, you grow more hair (for those who are hairy). So for this case, do your self-justice by always shaving when old hair grows. Cutting off your hair either completely or low gives you this younger look.

11. Dress your age

This somehow sound weird right? Well, the secret on how to make skin look younger is dressing your age. SOme think dressing with cloths of younger persons will make any big difference. No, it would only make it obvious to people that you are old and pretending to be younger.

All you need to do is to dress your age, not just dressing your age, you must also learn how to look smart, neat and simple.

12. Stand up straighter

This is one of the practice that if you take seriously it would do wonders in making you look younger. Learn to always stand up straight no matter what the pain feels like.  I know in our 50s, some of us gets so weak and easily tired. But hey, always know your gage. If you can stand straight for just 5 or 10 minutes, maintain that time and do it repeatedly on a daily basis. In no distant time, you will get used to it. This will go a long way to make you look younger.

13. Smile Often

The beauty of every human irrespective of their gender, color or custom is that adorable smile they put on their face. A study has proven that the more you smile, the more refreshing you get.

Smiling also hides that stress and wrinkled face. Smiling always would go a long way to make you look much younger. If you are the type who hardly smile, it’s advised you get your self with funny comedy movies to enable you to put a smile on your face.

14. Spend Time Doing Things That Make You Happy

If watching comedy makes you happy, keep watching it. If going to public places makes you happy then visit often. Your happiness should be your number one priority.

Once you are happy always, you will look much younger than your original age.

15. Cut Down Your Alcohol Intake

Too much of alcohol intake is not good for an aging person. it has a dehydrating effect on the body it also makes the capillaries dilated. This results in rosy flush on your face in a bad way. This also has a massive side effect on the body.

16. Try Facial Acupuncture

This is in form of surgery. If you’re not scared of getting your face pierced with needles, give it a whirl. Though with this method, you need to be buoyant enough because it’s quite expensive though the result is highly impressive.

17. Exfoliate

If you must apply this step, then be cautious of not doing it in a harsh way. Carry the task out with a muslin cloth by soaking it in a hot (not too hot). Repeat this at least every day it will go a long way to replace the dead cells out of the surface. When your dead cells are gone, it gives room for even brighter and younger skin.

18. Use An Antioxidant Serum

This serves as a treatment after cleansing and before the usual moisturizer. It helps to boost your skin. It contains vitamins in them that help secure the skin and make it look younger.

19. Eat More Fruits

Fruits are essential for the body. The doctor would always recommend the intake of healthy fruits as they help glow your skin and make you have fresher blood and glowing looks. Get used to eating fruits like cucumber, grapes, bananas, oranges, carrots etc.

These fruits will help you get nice skin and strong bones.

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20. Eat More Vegetables

The vegetable is very good for the body. It does a whole lot of work by increasing more fresh blood in your body system. Consuming a lot of vegetables is advisable because the more you consume the more chance of you fresh with fresh blood.

With enough fresh blood running all around your body and veins, you have 80% chances of looking fresh, younger, stronger and even a glowing skin.

21. Fatty Fish

Fatty Fish, these are sea fish responsible for fighting or rather say prevents aging. It contains long-chain omega-3 fat that helps get rid of heart disease, inflammation, and ulcerative colitis with some other related diseases.

When you consume the fatty fish often, your chances of looking even younger in your 50s increases.

22. Engage or increase your marital/relationship affairs

What I mean here is this, if you are married or in a relationship, you are advised to engage more in lovemaking with your partner often. A study has shown that regular lovemaking keeps both couples younger and fresher.

23. Have Fun and Relax

At your 50s, you no longer need to stress yourself or get yourself thinking or worried about anything. Even if there is reason for such, learned to take your mind off it.

Take your time to chill out, have fun and hang out. This will help you ease stress and worries. The less you worry, the higher your chances of looking younger and stronger.

So that is it guys, when you follow all these steps and do them repeatedly, your chances of looking younger in your 50s are high. Give it a try and get back to us and give your testimonies. Remember you can always relay your questions (if any) using the comment section.

Thanks for reading.

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