How To Get A Healthy Skin In A Week

How to get a healthy skin in a week: Hi there, thank you for visiting my blog. On this article, I will guide you on how to get a healthy skin in just a week.

Sounds unreal? No! it’s very much possible, just follow every bit tips on this article.

Who doesn’t want a skin which glows? Out of a hundred percent of persons out there, at least 98 percent are in dire need of healthy skin, what about the remaining 2, they don’t need healthy skin, why? because their skin is already healthy, and they are still taking care of it. This tells you that most persons cherish healthy skin.

Getting a skin without pigmentation, dark circles, areas with patches showing the absence of life, blackheads have procedures, which go beyond just having sheer desires for it, attached.

It’s true, it starts with even an ounce of desire, but it doesn’t stop there, it stretches towards making evident use of the desire by working it out. And, you know it’s positive results that follow when you work it out, right? YES! You can achieve it, too.

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As you all know, the skin is the most visible part of the human body, we can’t dispute that fact. So, whenever there is a little disorder, it’s quickly spotted out by those around us. For example friends and family, colleagues, schoolmates, etc.

Although the cloth which we put on covers the body almost completely if you try to hide the symptoms of a skin infection, you may succeed for a short while, it will probably start taking effect at the places clothes can’t cover.

This article uncovers important secrets that in a way tightly hold your hands to guide you into getting a flawless skin, and you will be glad on reading this content on how to get a healthy skin in a week.

Let’s go through the 7 days; don’t worry, we won’t have to take the whole Monday – Friday to disclose it to you.

How To Get Healthy Skin In A Week – Day 1

This being the first day, you will start with the known routine. This routine has spread across the knowledge of people. The routine is none other than CTM which stands as an acronym for Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing.

Furthermore, as said earlier, the routine is a known one, but at the same time, it’s neglected by a lot. Many think this practice won’t any yield results.

In contrast, nobody would test this routine, and wouldn’t want to recommend it for others; once again, it’s CTM — cleansing, toning, and Moisturizing place your mind on it.

Firstly, looking at the exposure of your face to the environment, it’s not protected from specks of dust and grimes found in the environment; it, our face, alongside the natural oil accumulates those particles in it.

Picking up a gentle cleanser for the purpose of wiping out any blockage at the pores will not just cure one disease on the skin, but numerous skin related diseases. The cleanser works with a different kind of skin type, in other words, it’s selective.

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After effective cleansing, the toner comes into playing the role of making sure that on the skin surface has no leftover oil or dust.

Before we proceed, here are some natural toner which you should know about:

  1. Green tea
  2. Rose Water &
  3. White Vinegar.

The above toners perform a complete task of restoring your skin’s pH balance, and while it’s on that, the toner also works wonder in tightening up your pores.

Note: the pores get tightened up when toners cause a restoration in your skin’s pH balance.

Don’t forget you are still focusing on the CTM routine; so, you are now on Moisturizing. The routine should mark its end with the use of a moisturizer.

Following these procedures will give you an edge to achieving good skin because these procedures are the basis of many other routines in skin care.

SECONDLY, the explained routine should be, at the same time, followed up with the application of something called brightening face pack on your face. For proper and effective working of the pack, one has to stir it up with nutrients-containing ingredients like honey, milk, lemon, papaya, and tomatoes.

THIRDLY, one of the instructions to abide by, following this process, is: to completely do away with any existing applied to make up before retiring for a night sleep. It’ll be somewhat strange to your hearing if someone says that the skin actually does breathe, right? It really would be. But, it’s very much true. And, that won’t be possible, when the makeup is still on. A lot of persons just rush through removing the makeup from their faces without finding out a proper means of taking it off.

Well, if you are reading this, you are about to learn something new.

The safe and hygienic way to take off the entire make up is, firstly, by applying some drops of baby oil on your face, thereafter, you mildly massage it for about a good number of minutes. This act causes the makeup to lose its grip on the face, and when this is noticed, it’s advisable that you use a tissue, towel or cotton pad to scrape the makeup in a bland manner with no intention of injuring the face.

FOURTHLY, not only do you have to do the CTM routine when you deem fit, but it also has to repeat before going to bed. As the CTM method entails, it ends with the use of a moisturizer, and this time, also with an eye serum.

Do you have dry skin? Search around for pillow covers packaged with satin materials, they help in keeping the moisture seem almost untouched. Now, a sleeping pattern, too, should be respected; and that pattern is sleeping on your back make sure your face is placed up.

There is a way to keep your face hydrated, but it can’t be achieved without some extra cash leaving your pocket. Purchase humidifier, they help you in hydrating your face.

How To Get Healthy Skin In A Week – DAY 2

The day 1 focused more on the outside of the skin. The Day 2 holds the guidelines for taking care of the inside of the body as an approach to achieving a refined and healthy skin. To delve in further, this day touches the food you consume, because the kind of food you consume is an underlining factor for improving the health of your skin. It’s very much important than even the approach for the skin outside.

There’s no scintilla of skepticism around the fact that the care of the external is quite essential, but the internal care can’t be skipped or exempted for any reason.

Consuming the right food is proven to be a reliable approach to having a skin that speaks of your healthy body system.

FIRSTLY, the CTM routine shouldn’t be neglected because it’s the practice for the first day. It should also be practiced on the second day, though this time, it should be followed by putting on a fruit mask that is, rubbing the necessary fruits on your face.

The mask made with fruits is not a hard thing to prepare, and it’s applied easily. Don’t say, these things do not favor my skin; there are specific fruits suitable for every kind of skin.

And, they are strawberries for oily skins and bananas for dry skins.

Using the fruit mask can’t be compared to other remedies for brightening up your face, because it’s a superb approach.

SECONDLY, after the fruit mask remedy, make sure you cultivate the habit of staying hydrated by taking in enough water, and beverages with substantial nutrients. This practice shouldn’t only be for the morning, it should be repeated from the morning through to the evening.

Taking plenty of water, and beverages with nutrients will go a long way in ensuring the control of the production of oil on your face; not just that, it helps to tighten your pores. Make it a habit!

THIRDLY, Just like putting on a real mask used to appear as something or someone else, you won’t use those masks to sleep after it’s used. That’s the same way it happens when makeup is applied, make sure you take off the makeup before retiring for the night sleep.

One more thing, NO! you don’t just sleep after taking off makeup, you also carry out the CTM routine and your skincare routine for the night.

How To Get Healthy Skin In A Week – DAY 3!

Congratulations, you just got into the third day. On this day, the skin will have its utmost layer removed, to get rid of dead skin. Afterward, your skin won’t look the same, it’ll help your skin feel soft and glowing.

The removal of that layer it could also be called exfoliate bends the skin into being ready to react quickly to other treatment which it’ll get to receive.

Firstly, make sure you use a face sponge to perform a thorough cleansing on your face; use the sponge to scrub off the dead skin cells to display the skin underneath which is the healthy layer.

Secondly, having done that, which is called the exfoliation, go ahead to do a TM out of the CTM, that’s Toning and Moisturizing.

Tone and Moisturize your skin to protect the skin, the new layer, from becoming lifeless again. In this second process on the third day, you can actually apply a face mask just after the cleansing, exfoliation. It’s yield a good result because the skin is now prone to receiving nourishment.

THIRDLY, While on this process, don’t walk out your house without using sunscreen, in order to protect the skin from the Ray which is emitted from the sun UV Ray. This Ray is injurious to your skin!

FOURTHLY, once it’s evening, make partial changes to your CTM routine. How do you make the partial changes? Apply something called a face pack, immediately after doing a cleansing on your face.

You know the toning and Moisturizing also follow the cleansing because the cleansing starts it.

Therefore, the minute you wash the pack off, complete the CTM routine by doing the toning and Moisturizing.

How To Get Healthy Skin In A Week – Day 4!

If you have made it to the fourth day following all you need to do on the first, second and third day there should be observable signs showing the result of the practices carried out on the previous days. These results are found in your skin, it’s improved texture; they are also found in your face. The results, display how healthy the skin, now, is.

The ecstasy attached to observing results shouldn’t lure you into dumping the routine. Make sure you continue it without receding.

In this fourth day, here are what you must do:

FIRSTLY, using your regular cleanser, thoroughly wash your face. And, steam it. YES! Steam it. This will lead to the opening of your pores for some profound cleansing practice.

At least 10 minutes is enough to get your face steamed, and once that is done, the next should be another action which will drag out the dirt available: applying a clay mask.

Alternatively, a mixture of oatmeal and honey could be used. Immediately after that, get the mask rinsed, then borrow the T from CTM by doing a tone on your face.

More so, the toning on the face should be done by using a cotton pad soaked in rose water to dab it on the face.

Following these instructions carefully will play a good role in helping to once again seal the pores.

Don’t forget to make use of your moisturizer.

SECONDLY, make it a habit to abide by the night care regimen because if you do it as you’re directed, there’s no way you won’t wake up the next morning with nourished and hydrated skin.

How To Get Healthy Skin In A Week – DAY 5!

FIRSTLY; now, it’s your fifth day, and you have to do the CTM again; don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. After the CTM routine, use some Aloe Vera gel to massage your face. The message will cause an improvement in the circulation of the blood flow to your face. You’re also sure of a nourished skin afterward, isn’t that superb? It sure is.

This action does a lot good to extent of flushing out toxins. There are people who have dark circles under their eyes, or do you have it, too? If yes, apply an under eye serum frequently.

The application of the eye serum will wipe the dark circles in no time, though it might take a while.

Secondly, once you have finished with the process of massaging your face, it’s necessary that the regular moisturizer should be applied. For you not to use sunscreen this time, your moisturizer must be one with a higher SPF. You know why? Here why: it was just said, so you don’t have to make use of sunscreen.

THIRDLY, the next step has to be done in the evening; at the period, squeeze in a sandalwood face pack right into your CTM routine. It’ll cause your skin to become radiant and smooth!

How To Get Healthy Skin In A Week – DAY 6!

Woohoo! We just reached the sixth day. Don’t worry, we didn’t fast forward time to six days later. Okay, we know we have been bugging your head with this word, exfoliation, but pardon in advance, because we will use it again.

Now, another time to exfoliate. It’s imperative that you should keep to the routine of exfoliating your skin at least twice a week in order to have it radiant and healthy.

Let’s go back to day 3, you have to adopt the exfoliating steps to use on this sixth day. Then, toning and moisturizing should follow afterward.

The consumption of water and fluids on a regular basis holds important benefit(s); it’s recommended that it becomes a routine throughout every week because a body which is hydrated must result in healthy and glowing skin.

How To Get Healthy Skin In A Week – DAY 7!

Finally, we are on the very last day of depicting what should be done as the requisites for those who desire a healthy skin.

Firstly, one has to practice another fruit facial. And, it’s essential that one must follow the CTM method or routine, in the morning, and during the evening period.

SECONDLY, keep the routine of drinking water and beverages a constant throughout this day.

Your skin’s elasticity is maintained following this practice.

If you’ve followed my guide up to this point, I hope to hear your testimony after 7 days, because of this

steps are, on a scale of 100% reliable.

These instructions are not, in any way, cumbersome to follow, it was packaged with simple words just to ensure your understanding of it. Your satisfaction, health is my utmost desire.

The definition of exfoliation is the removal of a layer of skin.

Don’t forget to share your testimonies with me on the seventh day after following these steps!

Now that you have read this content on how to get a healthy skin in a week., feel free to ask your questions in the comments below.

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