Dry Leg Skin: Causes & Symptoms

Dry Leg Skin is a situation where some lower part of your leg looks so dry and have some scares that are likely to peel off.

Read this short tale: I once heard a friends mother, tell her to pay more attention to her legs, because that’s the first place people will notice about her, and frankly speaking I see some truth in that statement.

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Now imagine living with that consciousness, and having to always wear shoes simply because you don’t want the world to see the dry leg skin attached to your beautiful body and face, sucks right?

Well, let me tell you a few things.

Dry Leg Skin: Causes and Symptoms


let us consider that healthy skin retains moisturizers, it also offers protection against disease pathogens and irritants.

That said, a gene variation can hinder this ability of the skin to protect itself against these factors, which can lead to skin infections and itchy/scaly skin.


Specifically, dry legs skin is a dermatological problem, that can be caused by dry air, or even cold (as seen in the harmattan period, because of low humidity in the air).

This can happen to anybody at any time or age, and may not necessarily be a cause for very serious alarms.

Having said that, its only wise I advise everyone to be gentle with their skins, the skin is a very sensitive organ, and the skin on the legs are especially thin and prone to problems like scaly or itchy skin.

Moisturize the skin twice a day to keep it fresh, however, I must add that we must go for skin-friendly products and I personally recommend organic oils when choosing suitable skin products.

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Also, take shorter and warmer baths, hot water washes away skin oil and moisturizers, it also dries the skin.

Therefore, I recommend the use of warm water, not too hot during bath and also the duration of the baths be shortened. That said, it is also impulsive to add that we should drink more water, owing to the fact that the skin is among the first organs to suffer during dehydration.

Also; avoid too much exposure to the sun, get vital skin nutrients in your diet and use gentle soaps.

Truly care for is not really a hectic process, but it is one that is of grave importance and we all should take proper care of each portion of skin we possess as it is the cover with which our books will be judged

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