20 Best Home Remedies For Oily Skin

20 Best Home Remedies For Oily Skin: All human being have this little gland in the skin that is responsible for the production of surplus oil on the skin. It’s known as sebaceous glands these glands produce sebum and too much of it cause the skin to become too oily.

You might be wondering how this is possible. Let me bring to your notice, the sebum is like a groundnut oil (oily substance) which is made up of many fats. Because of these, those who have too much sebum produced from the sebaceous glands tend to have a skin full of oil.

But hey don’t get scared or get it twisted because of this same sebum has its own good side. In fact, let me use few paragraphs to explain the importance of the sebum.

Importance of sebaceous glands

Just like I earlier explained, the sebaceous glands are responsible in the production of sebum which leads to skin with much oil due to too excess of it. This depends on how much of it your body contains.

In as much as some may find the sebum annoying for causing them to have too much skin oil, I want to clear their mindset and let them see the positive or rather good side of the sebaceous glands in the human body.

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The importance of sebaceous glands you should know is that the sebum is highly responsible, plays a vital role in moisturizing your skin and hair, yes you heard me right. It does all that perfectly. The sebaceous gland also helps protect your skin and body from some fungal infections and bacteria.

You may care to know about sebaceous hyperplasia. The sebaceous hyperplasia is somewhat related to the sebaceous glands. It takes effect on adults mostly.

How To Reduce Sebum Production

In the few listed steps, you will get to know how to reduce sebum production in your skin, especially for those who have too much of it.

1. Washing your skin with a cleanser: This is a good remedy for those with a too much oily skin. It’s recommended you wash your skin with a cleanser. You need to use the prescribed face or body cleanser. Mind you, using a sophisticated or harsh face or body cleanser will increase the oil your face or skin produces. So it’s recommended you go with a prescribed face/body cleanser that is not harsh.

2. Warm Water Face Or Body Wash: When washing your face or body, have it in mind that you don’t just wash with any kind of water. Not too cold or very hot. Warm water is recommended when washing an oily face or skin.

3. Using Egg: You can reduce from your skin with an egg. This is simple. All you need to do is to mix prepare a white egg mask. This is simple, with honey and flour mixed with an egg (a full teach spoon of it is enough) apply it to your face or skin. This goes a long way in reducing sebum.

In case you may be still interested in knowing the effects of having so many sebaceous glands, this is simply just it. The sebum is responsible for producing fat in the sebum gland which leads to oily looking skin.

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Now that we have seen the disadvantage of having too much of sebum and also the function and roles the sebum play on the human skin, let’s proceed to the main purpose of writing this article (20 Best Home Remedies For Oily Skin).

Before then it’s important to note about some common part of the body that likely reacts or better still the parts of the body that produces more oil due to too much sebum in the sebaceous glands. They include the nose, the face, forehead etc. Due to this, some related questions as this were asked by internet users:

  1. How to take care of an oily face
  2. Home remedies for an oily face
  3. How to take care of an oily nose
  4. Home remedies for an oily nose
  5. How to take care of an oily forehead
  6. Home remedies for an oily forehead.

With the above questions, it’s very important that I explain all these in a short paragraph for the sake of those who may be troubled about any of the questions.

Starting with how to take care of an oily face, its right to understand what an oily face is all about.

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An oily face is a face that produces oily on its own even if you apply cream or lotions to it or NOT. This happens naturally. Those who have an oily face can testify to this. After having a shower, dry your body and head out for the day.

After some few hours of sunbath (Staying under the sun or high-temperature environment), you begin to notice how shiny your face becomes. Remember this is caused by too much of sebum produced in the skin on the sebaceous glands.

How to take care of an oily face

Thanks to advanced technology and skin care professionals out there, it is now almost possible to have a solution to all the problems human are facing. Those who are having an oily face should worry not as solutions to your problems are made available. To take care of an oily face, you are advised to practice the following:

1. Getting used to your cleaning routine daily: This is an important thing to note if you really want to get rid of that oily face of yours. You need to get used to your daily cleaning routine. The study has made us understand that washing of the oily face so hard is not good. Making reference to Dr. Anjali, she stated that too much cleaning of the face is bad and instead of it to help cure your oily face, it increases it. So too hash cleaning is a not advised.

2. Regular Washing Of your face: In as much as 1st step condemned harsh washing of the face, it’s recommended to wash your face regularly but with ease, so you don’t hurt your face.

3. Making a facial mask for yourself: A facial mask is recommended to be done at least once a week. Just try to mix honey, egg with flour. Apply to your face (Don’t cover your eyes with it please).

Proper application of the above step can also serve as Home remedies for an oily face treatment.

How to take care of an oily nose

This is almost related to the above-explained subheading on how to take care of an oily face. Therefore we won’t say much here. To take care of an oily nose, do the following:

1. Make sure to keep your nose very clean: Your nose is part of your skin and the skin as we know has the sebaceous glands that produce sebum. So always clean your nose and prevent it from anything that will cause it dirty.

2. Lemon Juice: Application of lemon juice to your nose surface does a great wonder in getting rid of an oily nose. So it’s recommended you use a lemon juice. Try to squeeze it out in a glass cup mixed with a half teaspoon of sugar. Get a ball of cotton wool and use it to apply on your nose.

3. Do a Mint Mask with Using Yogurt: This method is considered very effective. It has been proven by many who have tried it. To get this done, you need a little bit of mint juice and a teaspoon of yogurt. Mix them together and apply all over your nose. Let it relax on the nose for at least 20minutes then wash off with warm water.

When you do the above steps properly, it can serve as Home remedies for an oily nose treatment.

How to take care of an oily forehead

The sebaceous glands are still responsible for this. It produces sebum which leads to having an oily forehead. How would you feel having a shiny forehead or greasy forehead that shines bright like a diamond? It must be really awkward huh? This can also cause some sort of intimidation and unrelaxed mind when you are in public places or gathering.

Here are some better means to take care of an oily forehead

1. Face wipe with a towel: For someone with an oily forehead, It is important to always move around with a clean hand towel which you can use to wipe your face when you notice the oil coming out. Doing this regularly will help dry and reduce the oil on your forehead.

2. Visit a Pharmacist: It’s advised to visit a nearby pharmacy to get some prescriptions. They will likely have a pad they will recommend for you which you can use to wipe your forehead. These pads will help keep your face dry.

3. Use Powders: For a  those with sensitive skin, it is better you use more of powders than cream as powders will keep you dry compared to when you use more cream.

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When you do the above steps properly, it can serve as Home remedies for treating an oily forehead.

If you are still reading with me, prepare your mind to get a final solution with these 20 Best Home Remedies For Oily Skin or greasy skin. Mind you, having a greasy skin is almost the same as having oily skin. So don’t get confused with the two words.

Every part of the human body needs much attention (that is why you need to follow all skincare tips) because of the various kind of body reaction ranging from dry skin, acne, dry leg, greasy face etc.

20 Best Home Remedies For Oily Skin

Too much sebum which consists of fats produced by sebaceous glands is responsible for causing the skin to look or become oily. From the next paragraph of this post, you will get to know the causes what causes your skin to become oily and also get to know the 20 Best Home Remedies For Oily Skin.

Causes of Too Much Oil On The Human Skin

Just as you may know, we all have different body system. Due to this, our bodies react differently to nature. Some persons are born naturally to having with too much oil on their skin while some develop it as a result of what they east in their mouth or due to the kind of cream they apply.

Get to know your kind of skin. if you don’t oily looking skin and all of a sudden your skin starts producing oil, then you need to check yourself to know what has gone wrong. Here are some causes of this:

1. Inborn: Just like I earlier said above, having a skin oil could be as a result of genetics. Inherited from family. Some are likely born that way because their lineage has it.

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2. Your Environment: Where you are residing and the time of staying there plays a vital role in your skin. Oils on the skin can be caused by the environment you are staying. This means that your skin may react either because of climate change in that particular environment. Some persons normally have skin oil during winter compared to summer and vise versa.

3. Washing your face too often: Regular washing of your face may seem like a better option. But believe it when I tell you that too much of washing your face can lead to an oily face. It is a good thing to wash your face but it is advised to do it once in a while rather than doing it often.

4. Making use of skin care products that are not suitable: Most people make this mistake. Instead of going to see a therapist help them prescribe a skin care product, they end up going by the recommendations a friend or family member recommended for them. Wrong skincare products are also responsible for causing the skin to become oily.

5. Big Pores Holes: Most times people with pimples don’t rest until they get is burst. Health-wise, this is not good as a study has proven that the more you burst your pores, the more new one’s surfaces. Constant burst of pores makes some grow big and the holes from the pores produce more oil on your face.

When you know the above and avoid those things you are not supposed to do, then you are way closer to getting rid of an oily face.

Below are 20 Best Home Remedies For Oily Skin

  1. Use Of Honey
  2. Use of Blotting Paper
  3. Proper Washing of the face
  4. Use Of Lemon Juice
  5. Use Of Tomatoes
  6. Making Use Of Cosmetic Clay
  7. Use Of Oatmeal
  8. Making Egg Mask For yourself
  9. Use of Aloe Vera
  10. Use Of Jojoba Oil
  11. Use of Almond
  12. Use Of Cucumbers
  13. Use of Apple cider vinegar
  14. Use of Marigold flowers
  15. Use of Sandalwood
  16. Use of Sage Leaves
  17. Use of Rose Flower
  18. Use Of Peppermint leaf
  19. Use of Yarrow Flowers
  20. Use Of Marigold flowers

1. Honey:

Most people I believe still don’t know the health benefit of honey. Just in case you don’t know, honey is one of the best natural supplements. It can be used to cure many skin related diseases and infections. If you always neglect the power of honey, please change that mindset. To use honey as a home remedy to cure oily filled skin, you need to apply a small content of raw honey on your face and allow it absorbed for at least 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.

2. Use Of Blotting papers:

They are very tiny little papers that will help you dry (the oily part). Note these tiny little papers won’t stop the sebaceous glands producing sebum. But the use of the Blotting papers will help keep your face dry if used all day.

3. Proper washing of the face:

Since we are talking on home remedies, proper washing your face with water is one of the best remedies. Do your best to wash your face at least 2 to 3 times a day (Morning, Afternoon and Night). This will go a long way to help reduce the oil on your face.

4. Use Of Lemon Juice:

This has proven to be very effective in dealing with some skin infections. Treating an oily face is not exempted. All you need to do is to is extract egg white and mix it with lemon juice. These mixtures will help cover pores hole and prevent less outflow of oils on your face.

5. Use Of Tomatoes:

Tomatoes are a common household fruit. Most people consume it on a daily basis but still ignorant of its health benefit. Tomatoes can help reduce the number of sebum production on the sebaceous glands and also help close pores holes.

6. Use of Cosmetic clay:

Some refer to it as miracle clay (Lol, sounds funny huh?). Well, you heard me right people refer to cosmetic clay as miracle clay because of how much it abstracts oils from your skin when applied on the face or any part of the body. All you need to do is get a clean water small quantity that can mix a teaspoon of clay. Mix it together and apply on your face or the affected parts. Leave on your face for at least 15minutes, by then it should be dried already. Wash off gently with warm water.

7. Use Of Oatmeal:

Just like tomatoes do, the Oatmeal oil helps abstract face oils to itself when used. You may choose to mix with .raw honey or yogurt after which you apply to your face. After 15minutes, wash gently with warm water.

8. Making Egg Mask For yourself:

Mixed with lemon juice, the egg white will do wonders on your oily skin. Just extract the egg white and a 2 full spoon of fresh lemon juice. After applying to your face leave it for few minutes, then wash off with warm water.

9. Use of Aloe Vera:

You don’t need to be told the powerful effect of Aloe Vera. This natural herb plays a vital role in dealing with handling a skin with much oil. All you need to do is get a fresh aloe vera, pile off the softback, apply the liquid substance to your face, allow it to dry off after which you wash off with very clean water.

10. Use Of Jojoba Oil:

This might sound just weird to anyone reading this article. How on earth do you expect me to apply a more oily substance to a face already battling with oil? Hell NO!!! (This would basically be most people mindset). Well just so you know, Jojoba oil is one of the recommended oil by therapists. It has anti-inflammatory supplements which help absorb the oils on your skin. All you need to do is go to any health food shops and ask them to give you an original Jojoba oil.

11. Use of Almond:

This doesn’t just wash off your skin surface, it also helps dry up the oil on the skin. All you need to do is pound or grind a quantity of almond that can fit in 3 teaspoons and mix with 3teaspoon of honey. After mixing, apply it to your face and allow it to get dry then wash off with warm water.

12. Use Of Cucumbers:

Another common fruit that most people consume but really don’t know the health benefit It contains vitamins like A and E. Cucumber can serve as a home remedy for skins with excess oil. All you need to do is slice the cucumber in small round shapes, mix together with lemon juice and some bit of egg white. Place the sliced cucumber round shapes on your face. Leave for at least 20minutes before you take them off.

13. Use of Apple cider vinegar:

The apple cider vinegar contains what we the alpha hydroxyl acid which plays a good role in taking off dead skin cell and drastically reduce the sebum fats.

14. Use of Marigold flowers:

This flower called Marigold flowers aids to cure skin oils. It helps to moisturize the skin and help regulate the sebum fats. It also helps to close the open pores.

15. Use of Sandalwood:

The sandalwood is an oil which has a gently calming effect that helps persons who suffer too much oil on their skin. It also helps make your skin feel better and much younger. Therefore it is recommended to use reduce the sebum fats.

16. Use of Sage Leaves:

For those suffering from too many oils, the sage leaves have been proven to be the best remedy for you. Apart from getting rid of the oils, the sage leaves also help improve wrinkled and spotty skins. It also amends big pores holes on the face.

17. Use of Rose Flower:

I already know what you are thinking, but hey calm your nerves, the rose flowers are not only used to profess love to our loved ones. It has other health roles it plays especially when it comes to people with skin oil. Just so you may know, the water that is absorbed from rose flowers has a great medical benefit. It helps hydrate the oils from the skin if applied on the affected parts. Just get a fresh rose flower, squeeze out the water from it and apply to your face and let it dry. After 15minutes, wash it off with warm water.

18. Use Of Peppermint leaf:

The peppermint you see in candy shops also have their natural leaf and they do positive wonders to the human skin especially on those with oils on their skin. A study has proven it worthy as a solution to cure it. Just get a fresh leaf of peppermint and squeeze the water out and apply to your face. So you may know, it can also be used for mouthwash, soaps, and cosmetics.

19. Use of Yarrow Flowers:

The Yarrow Flowers is so rich when it comes to recovering of dead skins. It is very effective on oily skin. It helps cover the holes made by big pores.

20. Use Of Marigold flowers:

Remember when the sebaceous glands produce more sebum, the fat on your skin is likely to ve much. Now when it comes to the case of having a too much oily face, the marigold flowers is the best solution to it. It has what we call astringent and also helps to give you a younger and fresh looking skin. It also helps to calm the increment of sebum production.

So that is it guys when you adhere to all what is said in this article be sure of getting rid of an oily face.

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